Flood Damage and the National Flood Insurance Program – Residential Claims

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Darin R. Checchia

Darin R. Checchia, Regional Vice President

Regional Vice President

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has only two categories of flood risk classifications: moderate-to-low risk and high-risk, as no property is 100 percent safe from flooding. The average residential property insurance policy does not cover flooding; therefore you must have separate insurance through the NFIP or a private carrier in order to file a flood damage claim.

The adjusters at Adjusters International/Basloe, Levin & Cuccaro have years of experience helping homeowners with filing their NFIP claims. Flood damage claims have a much smaller window of time in which they need to be filed than a standard property damage insurance claim. Let our public adjusters take control of the flood damage claim filing process, so that you can focus on what is important—getting your life and home back in order.

Our team is there with you every step of the way, from the initial evaluation of the damage, through negotiations with the insurer’s adjuster and submitting the Proof of Loss form. We handle all of the details for you, so that you get the financial recovery that you deserve. Put your trust in us and join our long list of satisfied clients who have received a fair and just settlement from their residential flood damage claims.

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[Your company representative] also handled our flood claim and made sure that we got the building limit… and a good settlement on the content. If it had not been for [your] help, we would not have obtained the settlement we received… [your company] dealt with all parties professionally and kept us informed throughout the entire process.

Karl and Jackie Heberlein

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